What is Listed Inspiration?

You find yourself constantly wondering what you should make for dinner today. Or, maybe you’re tired of the meals that once excited you. Your Pinterest board probably has so many recipes that you’re pinning the same stuff over and over again. And, you’re spending as much time looking for recipes as preparing them.

If any of these ring true, you’re a lot like me.

I’m a recipe hoarding, Pinterest addict who can spend hours being utterly gobsmacked by the culinary talent on display online. This is blog where you can find lists of recipes from my favourite food blogs and websites, categorized by season, ingredient, cuisine, skill level or sometimes just a mood.

About me: I am a twenty n-*cough cough* year old living in the Bay Area, California. I have recently quit my job in digital marketing and advertising. I LOVE food; I love to cook it, I love to eat it, photograph it, talk about it, etc. In my free time, I do enjoy curling up with a good book or endless movie marathons. Shoe shopping and beer drinking are some of my many talents.

Hope you find this blog useful. Love to hear what you guys think, do give me a shout!


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